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Google Webmaster Tools

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I just recently used Google’s Webmaster tools for looking at how Google’s robot sees the site I co-founded (Ubernote). I’ve been using Google Analytics for some time now, both on a website for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and of course on Ubernote. I could (and may) write a whole post on Google Analytics, but frankly, I’m sure that whatever I would write would just be a drop in the ocean of writings on that subject. Getting back on track here, somehow the Webmaster Tools slipped under my radar until very recently, which leads me to believe that they are incredibly under-hyped tools. My co-founder and business partner Josh has been on a deep dive on search engine optimization, and in the course of describing what he has been up to, showed me the Webmaster tools mostly to show that the site is Google-friendly and isn’t violating any major laws of search engineology.

Later on this evening (or this morning, really) I went back to poke around with the Google tools. I had formerly regarded the Google indexing process as something that was a total black box, but really it is only partially true. Sure you won’t get details about how your page is ranked, but you have access to a log of errors that were encountered when you page was spidered, letting you know that some pages weren’t reachable or generated errors. And the most enrapturing feature: a listing all of the pages that Google found that linked to your site. There is also a section entitled `What Googlebot Sees’. Now all I need for guidance is `What would Googlebot do?’

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January 17, 2008 at 7:10 am

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