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Using old tablet pc as input device

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I have an old tablet PC lying around that I sometimes do UI sketches on.  It is pretty underpowered though, and the only app that I really use on it is Windows Journal.  Windows Journal is a very lightweight pen-enabled bit of software that allows you to do quick sketches and note taking using the stylus.

The biggest downside of Windows Journal is trying to export the drawings into something that I can send to the rest of the team.  After doing a sort of dance that involves exporting the drawings to web sites and then ripping the image files out, it occurred to me that maybe I could run Windows Journal on my main laptop, and just use the tablet as an input device somehow.

My first thought was to log in using remote desktop.  This works, but the sample rate of the input device makes it a little slow.  Drawing lines and basic shapes works ok, but handwriting doesn’t really come through.

I seem to recall seeing that Douglas Adams, creator of Dilbert has some sort of LCD screen that he uses with his regular desktop to do drawings.  Ideally that is how I’d like to use the tablet PC – like some sort of graphics tablet that has a display built into it.

Back to the drawing board.

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August 26, 2009 at 7:28 pm

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