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JS documentation is still sort of a ghetto – promote JS

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Way back in 2006 when I started working on Ubernote, there were basically three different places that I went to for documentation on Javascript in the browser – MSDN, MDN, and w3schools. Microsoft MSDN actually was pretty good back then, but now I don’t care about IE so much. MDN was excellent but it was tricky to get just the right page you were looking for. I remember spelunking around and after hitting a bunch of placeholder pages, I’d suddenly hit pay dirt after a little while.

I know that w3schools is basically a ghetto code-snippet site but in many cases it is still the only reliable source of simple examples of how to get something done in JS. Unfortunately, now that I have some more experience, I realize that a lot of the examples they give are outdated or browser-specific.

I’m a little concerned now when I look something up like XML support in the browsers and come up with more w3schools content even after all of the movements toward getting other results up in search results.

I think that there are now plenty of sites that teach basic JS fundamentals, but examples of how to do specific things in the browser using various browser APIs is still sorely lacking.

Sorry this is a random rant, hopefully I can collect my thoughts on this a little better soon.


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January 4, 2012 at 5:01 pm

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  1. […] wanted to show an example of a Google search that I did on a common Javascript topic. I’ve written about JS documentation on the Web in the past, but I didn’t have too many specifics in that post. I’ve linked […]

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