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With the mass Web site blackouts protesting SOPA today, I think we’re seeing a real watershed moment for lobbying and activism on the Web. I’ve been a part of various Hacktivism movements and campaigns in the past, but I always knew that these fights were localized and very much under the radar of most people.

But now, when the stakes are high and big Web sites are willing to put skin in the game, the amount of awareness that can be raised is amazing. It didn’t hit me until I actually experienced a Wikipedia blackout how momentous this day really is. Twitter is absolutely on fire with #sopa tweets, and the major news outlets are covering the Google and Wikipedia blackouts.

The amount of awareness that can be generated online is astounding. Compared to physical protests in the streets, the potential of an online protest or strike is a huge force multiplier.

Lobbyist groups typically have had unparalleled power in influencing Washington, and I think that what we are seeing here with the SOPA blackouts is a first step toward matching and countering the lobbyist’s power.

I think that SOPA will set a precedent for things to come. Stay tuned.

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January 18, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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