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Modern C#

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Those of you that have followed me for a while know that my first significant industry experience was with .NET. Of course my first programming experiences were with C64 BASIC and Pascal on the Mac along with college courses in C++ but it’s always those first real codebases where one cuts their teeth.

Anyway, it was very modern at the time with a real type system and ahead-of-time compilation. A competitor to Java. I like to think that C# managed to learn from Java’s mistakes and made it a better language. That and Anders Hejlsberg is a genius.

I wrote a lot of great software in C# including my own note-taking startup UberNote. Once I moved on in the startup world, Microsoft was a total non-starter. No one was using SQL server or .NET or followed any of that ecosystem. From where I was sitting, the real issue with .NET was the community’s tendency to just clone the projects that Java did in the same way (log4NET, etc) and the Web frameworks were lagging behind significantly. MS clung to ASP for way too long.

Fast forward to some recent conversations. I joked sometimes that I would bring Clojure in as a language, which is based on the JVM. Later on some folks turned that joke around on me with C#, and I asked “why not”? Turns out that a lot of other devs around me have significant experience with C#. C# influenced the design of the now-popular TypeScript language. MS open-sourced a bunch of the .NET Core runtime. I wonder if it’s becoming time for C# to be really unchained from MS and come into its own?

Looking at the modern language landscape, the most interesting things I see now are Rust and Go. Maybe some things like Scala. I really don’t know what can dethrone Python right now. I was on the dynamic language bandwagon for a long time and was a champion of Javascript the whole way through to today where it’s one of the most modern language ecosystems (yes there are warts but the rapid pace of development of the language is IMO unmatched – it reached true internet-scale development). TypeScript is in a place where it could take over as a systems language, but I fear that its roots in Javascript will forever hamstring its chances. Maybe with Deno this will change?

What is best systems language to pick right now for back-end distributed systems? It’s kind of crazy to me that Python was the winning horse for so long. C++ was dethroned long ago due to sheer complexity. I think I need to learn Rust and do some tests with .NET on Kubernetes before I make any judgements.

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October 10, 2022 at 9:42 am

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